Electronic Facility Records
Building Documentation for The Information Age
EFR Benefits to Facility
Owners & Managers

Reduce facility-related service call costs & time with instant, secure access to critical data.

Improve decision making with historic record of building systems and projects.

Capture and standardize technical knowledge for succession planning and crisis management.

Extend useful life of building and its systems.

Reduce total cost of facility ownership.

Enhance tenant experience with more responsive service and better preventative maintenance.

Conserve environmental resources.

Increase the asset value of a facility.

More secure with multiple backup copies.

The EFR Standards of the Future Start Today

Electronic Facility Records (EFR) is an electronic repository of facility information that is instrumental for building operations and maintenance.

EFR is also a process of collecting, organizing and updating the facility information using documentation standards developed by consensus across markets and industries.

These standards need to address:

  • EFR-compliant information elements
  • Processes to plan, develop, build and manage an EFR Management System
  • Levels of EFR compliance

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